Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Planning a 240 day 10776 mile trip across the country

 The Planning

We start with our high value destinations.

For us planning a 240 day trip starts with a few simple questions which we answered about 5 years ago when we started to RV.

Our first question is where do we want to go,  what do we want to see,  and what do we want to do.  We think RV trip planning is like goal planning,  start with your big rocks and put them in a jar,  then add smaller rocks,  then add some sand,  then fill up your goal jar with water to pack in the most fun filled travel. 

We are trying to visit all 48 contiguos states and see all the national parks in those states. This year's trip was easy,  what states haven't we been to? How many national parks are in those states then figure out other fun outside stuff that is near by or along our route and finally fill in with overnight stops,  quirky roadside attractions and potential fuel stops. 

One other big rock we have added to our itinerary is airstream rallies. We have found so many larger rallys where we meet new people that because of airstreaming we have an instant connection.  Making new friends after 50 seemed like it would be hard but airstream and the airstream club had made this so easy.  The international rally is in rock springs WY this year so that was a stop as we headed out to the west coast. While we were planning our trip south from Washington state we noticed the Potlatch rally was on our way and with in days of where we would be at that time.  After adjusting for that rally we also noticed Pismo Beach rally lined up with our location and timeline. What luck. 
So our big rocks are Nevada, WY, AZ, WA, OR, CA, and Texas. And all the national parks in those states.  Big bend in TX will be our first national park on this trip.  We will then work our way north west to great basin in NV. Then after the international rally,  head over to the north cascades and Olympic national park. 
Then weave our way south from national park and state parks to the next national park. 
We get to see some amazing places,  wildlife and meet some great people along the way,  stay with us as we start out journey,  post pictures, and document our travels to share some great places,  great memories,  and some of the cool people we encounter. 

How we got started

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